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Support materials will be needed

This will take time and effort. The A+ manuals provided by Morgan Stanley are a good reference but useless as a learning aid. We need a Gilman and Rose, or Gary Helzer's Encyclopaedia of APL as a starter. Then there is lots of good APL material by Ken Iverson (Elementary Analysis for one), the vast majority of which would work with minimal change as it already uses the Direct Definition form. Then there is Norman's book, and lots of good I-APL pamphlets like 'APL in the Social Sciences'.

How about the APL Statistics Library? It should translate splendidly and ASLGreg already has a manual. Is it at the right level to support the stats module in an A-level maths course? Remember that A+ has contexts (or namespaces if you prefer) so shipping libraries of useful software is really easy.

Volunteers will be required, permissions will need to be sought, and publication arranged. I-APL was becoming a success on the back of just such an effort, then its platform died. It was also written for compactness at the expense of speed, and maybe it was just too slow, even on nice hardware like the Archimedes. A+ is also quite compact, but it is very fast and its platform is not going to die. We can play a long game here!

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