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Volume 11, No.1

To Be or Not To Be - That Is The Gazodenplatz

by Peter Merritt

A number of years ago I was asked to investigate the feasibility of an email system on an IBM mainframe using APL for the end-user control software. During this project, the idea of actually protecting the data came up (OK, I suggested that senior officers sending “Councillor X, what a waste of space, eh?..........”, in clear was a rather, ah, short-term activity). This article is therefore by way of an introduction to some simple, rather ‘off-the-wall’ techniques for data encryption which I doodled at the time. There is nothing new about them (I’ve just used some APL primitives to make things easier), but I’ve been pleasantly surprised on three separate occasions since then by the reactions of newcomers to APL when I showed them the results. Unfortunately, the last person to whom I mentioned this work was a member of the editorial committee of VECTOR - baaaddddd mistake...................

Anyway, having avoided the evil moment for a few months, I now offer the following text (in 5x character groups) as a form of competition, the solution (if it’s not too obvious) being in the main article which will be in the next issue (which can be interpreted as either a ‘taster’, for regular subscribers, or as a form of annoyance for those who will only get this copy as a ‘freebie’!). First prize will be a free copy of VECTOR; second prize two copies etc. etc. Good hunting.

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