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Volume 15, No.4

Solution to APL Crossword from 15.3

crossword grid

Crossword from 15.4

crossword grid

1. V[I]B[(1+B)-I] for I from 1 to V, for origin 1 with (B)=(V)
5. A random integer from 0 to 4, with 0 half as likely as the others
11. (V)+(B)
13. The matrix F with its first M5 columns made last
14. The values in A rounded to the nearest integer (.5 down not up)
15. Are all the elements of the vector VN larger than zero?
16. The difference of 102 and one-fifth S
18. (V25)/V
20. Flag the 52s in N
21. Get outta here!
22. 0 where S=V, 1 where S>V, 1 where S<V
24. 2'(0AB)C'~'ABC',0
25. The index of the first row of the matrix M that CONTAINS the vector V
27. The number of rows and columns in K
28. The vector 1 2 3 ... L
29. (RV-1),(RV-2),...,(RV-(10+VC))
30. An empty vector with the same datatype as the scalar S
32. Random one-element vector from 1 to 9
33. Get objects from a stored workspace IF they’re not in the active workspace
35. All but the first N elements of the vector V
36. The number of dimensions in A
37. Deal a card from the deck
39. Famous earless APL programmer, _______ Van Go To
40. Deal five cards from the deck

1. (V)[IO]
2. Is the vector A nonempty?
3. Subtract 12 from each element of V; then reverse their order
4. Stick onto matrix B a new column, using the numbers in the vector VR divided by 20
6. The index of the first row of the matrix M that MATCHES the vector V
7. Five random numbers from 1 to 25, with replacement
8. 2109(9V),9V if (V)9
9. The available programs
10. The vector KC with negative values replaced by zero and padded to length 500
12. A good name for a function that bombs a lot
17. M+Y-N without using +
19. For a bit vector A, where LA, reshape bits I to length P, pad to the length of A, and compare A to see where neither is true
21. ((V)=0)/L5
23. Flag the occurrences of the (start of) substring S in the vector V
25. The first element of any nonempty array V, as a scalar
26. The vector 1 2 3... up to some random number between 1 and 55
31. Cumulative reduction
34. What the circle function is easy as
37. A random integer scalar from 1 to T
38. '2*5'

Reprinted with kind permission from Zark APL Tutor News, a quarterly publication of Zark Incorporated, 23 Ketchbrook Lane, Ellington, CT06029, USA

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