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Volume 23, No.1


BAA Annual General Meeting 2007

Anthony Camacho, secretary

Minutes of the AGM of the British APL Association on 18 May 2007 at the British Computer Society

Paul Grosvenor, chairman, opened the meeting at 1:48pm. He announced some work that had been agreed at the committee meeting earlier in the day:

  1. We would make efforts to complete the archive on the web by putting early issues of Vector into electronic form.
  2. Stephen Taylor would complete the D-book he had proposed, hoping to publish it in the autumn.
  3. We would produce a collected volume of the “At Play with J” articles.
  4. We would shortly be publishing a double issue of Vector (vol 23 nos 1&2).
  5. We hope to organise a 2-day conference in London next spring (one day with developer emphasis and one with business user emphasis).

The Treasurer, Nicholas Small, circulated the accounts: no one had a question for him. The motion to accept the accounts was agreed without demur (prop. A. Camacho; sec. R. Cannon).

As there was no contested post for the committee the chairman suggested the proposed slate be taken as a whole. This was agreed and the proposed committee was elected (prop. S. Camacho; sec. R. Cannon).

The new committee is:

ChairmanPaul Grosvenor
SecretaryAnthony Camacho
TreasurerNicholas Small
Editor, VectorStephen Taylor
ActivitiesRay Cannon
EducationAlan Mayer
ProjectsIan Clark

Rowena Small will continue to handle any necessary administration.

The meeting closed at 1:53pm.

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