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Volume 23, No.1


BAA Annual General Meeting 2007

Anthony Camacho, secretary
[email protected]

Minutes of the AGM of the British APL Association on 18 May 2007 at the British Computer Society

Paul Grosvenor, chairman, opened the meeting at 1:48pm. He announced some work that had been agreed at the committee meeting earlier in the day:

  1. We would make efforts to complete the archive on the web by putting early issues of Vector into electronic form.
  2. Stephen Taylor would complete the D-book he had proposed, hoping to publish it in the autumn.
  3. We would produce a collected volume of the “At Play with J” articles.
  4. We would shortly be publishing a double issue of Vector (vol 23 nos 1&2).
  5. We hope to organise a 2-day conference in London next spring (one day with developer emphasis and one with business user emphasis).

The Treasurer, Nicholas Small, circulated the accounts: no one had a question for him. The motion to accept the accounts was agreed without demur (prop. A. Camacho; sec. R. Cannon).

As there was no contested post for the committee the chairman suggested the proposed slate be taken as a whole. This was agreed and the proposed committee was elected (prop. S. Camacho; sec. R. Cannon).

The new committee is:

ChairmanPaul Grosvenor
SecretaryAnthony Camacho
TreasurerNicholas Small
Editor, VectorStephen Taylor
ActivitiesRay Cannon
EducationAlan Mayer
ProjectsIan Clark

Rowena Small will continue to handle any necessary administration.

The meeting closed at 1:53pm.

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