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Vol.26 No.4


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Volume 14, No.2


by Duncan Pearson

This issue of Vector is coming to you unfortunately three months late for which I apologise. We are sending out 14.2 and 14.3 together. Due to the pressure of work I will no longer be continuing as editor but the main strength of Vector, the Vector Working Group, will continue to produce the magazine. It is planned that a different member of the group will take responsibility for the editorial content of each issue and that the administrative and production responsibility will lie with Gill Smith. Adrian and Gill have been producing Vector now for over ten years and their contribution to the promulgation and support of APL cannot be over-estimated.

This issue contains the report of APL97 in Toronto which I rated very highly. The presentations that I attended were interesting and thought-provoking and the organisation of the conference was good. Unfortunately only Adrian and I from the Vector team went to the conference and so we only have the two reports. However some of the presenters have kindly written up their presentations as articles for Vector and these are included.

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