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Volume 23, No.4.1

Dyalog @ 25

A version of history

A history of versions
1 1982 Full nested arrays; line orientated; APs; files using ⎕FF
2 Nested-array display (previously a form that could be executed – i.e. a long string with parens and characters); full-screen session
3-4 1985 ⎕DM; component file in one file (previously each component was a file in a directory)
5 Component-file reorganisation
5.2 ⎕SM
6.1 Windowed function editor
6.2 1993 X Windows ; 64-bit version for DEC Alpha
6.3 DOS version
7.1 16-bit Windows (Win 3.1) ⎕NA; native files; ⎕DR; Shared variables; DDE
8.1 1998 32-bit Windows (Win NT); TCP/IP; OLE automation; dynamic functions; :Trap
8.2 1999 Multithreading; :Hold; :With; GIF & PNG; ActiveXControl; Calendar; ToolControl; TabControl; Splitter; CoolBar; N-wise reduce; scalar primitives with axis
9.0 2000 Namespace and GUI object ‘refs’; dot syntax for GUI & OLE objects; Windows 2000 GUI (ComboEX etc); Docking
.Net 2002 .NET support
10.0 2003 idiom recognition; retained hash tables; autocompletion; Pocket APL
10.1 2004 Tokens for thread synchronisation; 64-bit component files; Value Tips; more Grid enhancements; extended function-header syntax; thread debugger
11.0 2006 Object Orientation; 64-bit version; tighter .Net integration; squad; power operator; LCM & GCD; Simple APL Library Tookit (SALT)
12.0.1 2007/8 Unicode; journalling component files; integrated graphics and reporting tools; Conga; APL Language Bar; more SALT
12.0.3 – 12.1 2008-9 Secure Sockets; Web Service Framework; Enterprise Applications:; Multi-Processor Support; ‘Installability and Scalability’

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