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Volume 17, No.1

Sustaining Members’ News

Soliton Associates

Soliton is pleased to announce the availability of SHARP APL for Unix (SAX) version 6.0. SAX 6.0 comes in 2 editions: an Enterprise Edition (EE) and a Personal Edition(PE). Both editions of SAX are technically identical but the Enterprise Edition offers enhanced connectivity to Oracle databases and to OS/390 services such as DB2, VSAM and OS datasets accesses. The Personal Edition is only available for the Linux platform (RedHat, SuSe and Mandrake), is royalty free for non-commercial uses and can be downloaded from Soliton’s FTP server. The Enterprise Edition is available for the IBM AIX, SunOS and Linux platforms and includes comprehensive support and update services.

SAX 6.0 EE will be available on September 4th while SAX 6.0 PE will be available from our FTP server in the course of August. More than 1000 pages of on-line documentation is included with both editions. Printed manuals can also be purchased separately.

SAX 6.0 offers improved performance over its predecessors, a high capacity Shared Variable Processor, a new file server, enhanced fonts and keyboard support. It has socket connectivity and excels as a server in a client-server architecture. In particular, the SAX 6.0 web server offers SSL encryption for secure transactions.

SAX 6.0 is the first version of SAX that runs under Linux and enables portability and scalability across all of its platforms; an application running on SAX 6.0 for Linux can be migrated to a SunOS or AIX environment at no cost (and vice versa). The low cost of entry offered by Linux will enable corporations to introduce SAX in their infrastructure while keeping their potential for growth through the scalability offered by SAX on its 3 supported platforms.

To ease development of SAX 6.0 applications, a new integrated development environment (IDE) is being developed and a first alpha release is intended to be available in August. The IDE is designed as a client and, being Java based, can be used across a network as, for example, a Windows client connected to a SAX server running under Linux.

Visit our web site: for more information about the Personal Edition of SAX 6.0. Enterprise Edition inquiries should be made to Laurie Howard (Europe) at +31 20 646-4475 and to Nancy Lamb (North America) at (716) 256-6466.

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