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Volume 17, No.2

Sustaining Members’ News

Dyadic Systems Ltd

Dyadic is pleased to announce Dyalog APL/W Version 9 for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. This version replaces Dyalog APL/W Version 8.2.

New Features

Version 9 has a completely new Integrated Development Environment that employs dockable windows, an MDI Editor, and a host of new features. Docking also extends to Forms, SubForms, CoolBands and ToolControls so that you can provide docking facilities in your end-user application.

In Version 9, namespaces become truly first-class objects. This means that you can have an expression that evaluates to a namespace reference, and you can assign namespace references in the same way that you can assign variables and functions. Properties of GUI objects may now be assigned and referenced directly as if they were variables, and Methods (and events) may be invoked as if they were functions. This new syntax for manipulating GUI objects is faster and easier to use.

Version 9 includes much improved COM support which takes full advantage of namespace references. There are 5 new objects; Animation, BrowseBox, ComboEx, DateTimePicker and SysTrayItem and the capabilities of the Printer object have been improved.


For the first time in recorded history, a new Dyalog release came and went without requiring a major rewrite from the Causeway company! As far as we can tell, CPro, RainPro and NewLeaf will run without modification in the new interpreter. Feedback from users would be welcome, and we will continue to ship our own applications on 8.2 for at least 6 months, but we will have “version-9 approved” releases on the website from 31st October. The ZIP passwords will change, so anyone who bought the tools in the last 12 months (or paid for an upgrade) should mail us for new passwords.

Look out for HelpStuf on the website anytime after VikAPL. We have been using this for our own manuals for years – now everyone can benefit!

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