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Volume 17, No.4

Quick Reference Diary


June 25-28, 2001Yale University, New Haven, CT, USAAPL2001
October 17-18, 2001World Trade Conference Center, New YorkJ User Conference
November 4-7, 2001Naples, FloridaAPL2000 User Conference
July 22-25, 2002Madrid, SpainAPL2002 Conference

APL2001, Yale
The annual conference for 2001 is being held at Yale University (which is celebrating its 300th anniversary). For further details please see the flyer or visit the conference website at

J User Conference 2001
For details of the J User Conference please see the JSoftware website at or email Anne Faust.

APL 2000 User Conference
For details please visit APL2000’s website at

APL2002, Madrid
The annual conference for 2002 will be held at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain. Professor Manuel Alfonseca is the Conference Chairman, and details will be posted on the website as they become available.

Dates for Future Issues of VECTOR

EditionCopy dateAd bookingAd CopyDistribution
Vol.18 No.18 June 0115 June 0122 June 01July 2001
Vol.18 No.27 September 0114 September 0121 September 01October 2001
Vol.18 No.37 Dec 0114 Dec 0121 Dec 01January 2002

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