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Volume 19, No.4

BAA Sustaining Members’ News

Dyalog Ltd

As of 31st March 2003, the Dyalog APL Business has been transferred from Dyadic Systems Limited to Dyalog Limited.

What has changed?

Dyalog APL is now owned, developed, marketed and supported by a new company called Dyalog Limited. Dyalog Limited is owned and operated by Peter Donnelly, John Scholes and Pauline Brand, the founders of Dyadic Systems. All members of staff who were associated with the support and development of Dyalog APL at Dyadic have transferred to the new company and are now employed by Dyalog Limited.

Dyadic Systems is now owned by Syan Limited and is no longer involved with or connected with Dyalog APL.

Why has it changed?

Previously, Dyadic Systems Limited had two separate divisions. One division, the original business, was dedicated to the development and support of Dyalog APL of which Dyadic was the author. The second division, which sold hardware, had grown into a highly respected and successful IBM Business Partner providing high-availability computing solutions to major UK companies based upon IBM pSeries, Storage and Software.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and grow the two divisions as a single business, and the founders of Dyadic decided to sell the IBM Reseller business to Syan Limited, IBM’s iSeries Partner of the year in 2002.

Structurally, it was sensible to first move the Dyalog APL business (including the APL development team and the copyright and intellectual property rights for Dyalog APL) into a new company, leaving Dyadic with just the IBM Reseller business prior to its sale.

How will it affect Dyalog APL?

In the immediate future, Dyalog Limited and Dyadic Systems Limited will share the Basingstoke offices and cooperate at a business and personal level, just as the two divisions have operated previously.

Effectively, as far as our APL customers are concerned, all that has changed is the company name. However, by concentrating solely on APL, Dyalog Limited will be able to provide an even better service to its Dyalog APL customers in the future. This change will have only a beneficial effect on the future of Dyalog APL.

The official Dyalog APL web site is now, although the old site will continue to run in parallel for some time. The email addresses at Dyalog Limited are as follows:

Technical support:
Sales enquiries:

Dyalog APL Version 10

Dyalog Limited is pleased to announce the availability of Dyalog APL Version 10.

One of the many enhancements in Version 10 is a performance boost provided by the implementation of idiom recognition and other features. One Dyalog APL customer, a major US oil company, has already reported a speed-up of 35% in an application they have developed.

Causeway Graphical Systems Ltd.

This last few months has been a case of running hard to stand still. We are close to a release of RainPro for APLX (it will require Version 2.0 as I rely on some of the more obscure stuff in the +Win Draw method) and by the time you read this, there will be an update of the CPro workspace for Dyalog 10. Unfortunately, Version 10 was not quite upward compatible from Versions 8 and 9, so anyone with the up-to-date password for December’s build will have free access to the workspace for V10. The good news is that (having made a few simple fixes to the engine) I can’t fault the APL. Everything just runs as before on V10.

The main addition to RainPro is Tables – these allow you to add a neat table of summary information to any existing graph (in the same way as a Note) with full control over the formatting of the row/column labels and cells. Also (really just for completeness) we have added the Venn Diagram, so at long last RainPro can do everything that the old IBM PGF package did in 1979. Such is progress.

We have also been working hard to meet a customer requirement for ‘close to WYSIWYG’ HTML output from NewLeaf. You can now run your report as normal and choose the rendering (paper, PDF, HTML) for the completed report. This facility will be available via CUSP for both APL+Win and Dyalog APL customers.

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