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Volume 24, No.1

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In Session

Congratulations not in order?

Stephen Taylor (

The card popped out of its envelope bearing the single word Congratulations surrounded by what looked like anagrams of it.

This kind of thing preys on one’s mind. What was my sister thinking? I don’t have time on my birthday to stare at the phrases and decide whether they really are all anagrams or just look like they are, or just some of them are. Need to resolve this question quickly and get back to typesetting Vector

Let’s see… if we alphabetise… and ignore spaces…

      {⍵[⍋⍵]~' '}

then all that’s left is to compare the results…

      'congratulations'{⊃≡/{⍵[⍋⍵]~' '}¨⍺ ⍵}'iron nuts catalog'

Gluing on the left argument gets me a monadic test function.

  	  test←'congratulations'∘{⊃≡/{⍵[⍋⍵]~' '}¨⍺ ⍵}
nora taunts logic
iron nuts catalog
using cool tartan
caution long star
stout groin canal
so not a garlic nut
ration aunts clog
uncool giant rats
auto girls cannot
tuscan train logo
trust colon again
groan until ascot
snail conga tutor
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

There we go. Anagrams tested, male autism appeased.


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