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Volume 25, No.4

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Minutes of the British APL Association Annual General Meeting

Chris Hogan (

The 2012 AGM was held as the opening session of the APL Moot held at the Lee Valley Youth Hostel (Windmill Lane, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, EN8 9AJ) which is stuated within the River Lee Country Park.

  1. The Minutes of the 2011 AGM were accepted by general consensus of those present.
  2. Report from the Chairman:

    1. Vector Production Team: Stephen Taylor is willing to continue in some form as long as he isn't full time editor. Kai Jaeger is now in charge of production of the printed Vector and John Jacob is webmaster. Assistance is given by Phil Last, Beau Webber and to a lesser extent by Chris Hogan and others.
    2. Dyalog and Optima are willing to contribute to ensure the continued production of Vector, as is (probably) Kx systems according to Stephen Taylor.
    3. There is a need for sub-editors for the different flavours, APL2000, Dyalog, MicroAPL, K, J etc. to ensure the quality of submitted material and resultant articles.
    4. The trend is an increase in articles on KDE, Q and Dyalog and a decrease in J.
  3. The Annual Award was not given at the AGM. The meeting voted to extend the recipients of the award to any of the array languages, e.g. J, K, Q, etc. It was also decided to poll the membership for nominations for next year's award.
  4. Issues of Vector published each year: We normally expect 4 issues per volume of Vector. In the past there has been precedent for double issues, which meant fewer physical issues. The membership has been tied to this number so subscriptions have been collected every 4 printings rather than annually. It was decided that the physical printing of Vector was important, rather than simply having the articles published to the website, but that we should print 3 issues per year to ensure the association's ability to meet this commitment from its current income.
  5. Monies owed by the BCS to the BAA: The BCS suffered a vote of no confidence from other special interest groups suffering in the same way as the BAA. The BCS committee spent further funds to fight this vote, which to those present at the meeting didn't seem within their powers. Their attitude is that any monies given to the BAA was general BCS funds. This will cost too much to fight in court. Chris Hogan to write one last time on behalf of HMW Computing as a sustaining member. The matter will be kept open, but this is a drain on the committee's time given the result of other similar actions taken against the BCS.
  6. Financial Situation: A brief statement was made by the Treasurer/Membership Secretary (before the official end of year so full audited accounts are not available). Three sustaining members have yet to pay their dues, but assuming a schedule of three print runs of Vector per annum the treasurer can see no reason why the association cannot continue in its current state. No details of membership were available at present.
  7. Reappointment of Committee: As everyone in a position was willing to continue and no one put forward any other names Paul suggested the the same committee continue, proposed by Jane and seconded by Ray.
  8. Appointment of Auditor: The current auditor (Chris Hogan) was proposed by Paul Grosvenor and seconded Ray Canon. Accepted by those present.
  9. AOB: One question was raised about sustaining membership and it was clarified that SM can nominate up to 5 individuals to represent them at meetings.

The meeting closed. It was followed by two presentations:

  • Jeremy Sutton - Park Ranger: The history and background of the park.
  • Kai Jaeger - Independent Consultant: FiRe: a FInd and REplace utility for Dyalog APL


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