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Volume 26, No.2

Optima Systems Ltd – Industry News
August 2014

Paul Grosvenor – Managing Director

First off let me welcome Mike Mingard to the team. Mike has just joined us as our Graphics Designer and UI expert. Since joining us he has already had a huge impact on many of our developments. They are now looking good and behaving better!

Talking of behaving better our three trainees (aka “The Three Blind Mice”) are coming on very well and now getting involved with many of our clients. We have even had a few come back to say how impressed they were. Now I don’t know how much they paid them but that does not happen very often !

We also welcome our new Apprentice, Callum, who joins us after completing his “A” level qualifications. We hope that Callum will be a great addition to the team overall. He has completed his APL course at Dyalog; next stop will be the user conference in Eastbourne. Callum has a blog for anyone to see how he gets on.

On the subject of user conferences we sent a group of five staff members to the Dyalog conference in Miami last year which was very enjoyable and uplifting. Our three trainees showed off their robots which rather surprisingly made it across the Atlantic without too much damage. Follow their progress on their blog.

Our COSMOS™ data visualisation product continues to move from strength to strength with a number of contracts now starting. Most of the product activity has been in America through our partner company Galileo Analytics but we hope to start a sales pipeline in Europe and UK shortly.

Our Swedish subsidiary Data Analytics Sweden AB from which much of our R&D work will be performed is now up and running. It is from here that the COSMOS™ product and other technologies will get built, tested and distributed.

We can now offer a large, multi-disciplined APL team plus all the back-up and ancillary services to be expected of a larger software development company. With the addition of Mike we now also have a fully-fledged graphic design facility to complete our design package.

We expect the next twelve months to be even more exciting than the last !


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