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Vol.26 No.4


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Volume 26, No.4


This issue of Vector has been some while coming but brings a range of articles from the APL world covering robots, sport, education and finance; as well as papers that look both forward and back in considering some fundamental programming aspects.

A dramatic tale unfolds in “A second childhood” as Stephen Taylor relates how the Childcare Company, not only got out of trouble with the help of an APL developer, but produced an award winning solution into the bargain.

In “Sixteen APL amuse-bouches” Roger Hui examines sixteen concise phrases that contain some large concepts. He explores their nature and imparts some entertaining history along the way.

There are three very welcome kbd+ and q related papers. A book review of Yanq Guo reviews “Q Tips: Fast, Scalable and Maintainable Kdb+” by Nick Psaris; Matthew Doherty & Paul Loughran have some fun on the tennis court with “Letting data tell a story with kdb+”; John Earnest describes iKe, an interpretor written in JavaScript, in “A graphical sandbox for K”.

Reprinted in this issue is “APL and partitioned data” by Jonathon Barman together with an introduction by Phil Last. This article appeared in the very first issue of Vector. Several people have told me how influential they found the original article and I have encouraged the Optima apprentices to read it. I hope you will agree it is still a relevant paper.

John Jacob


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