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Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2016

Stephen Taylor

Date: Fri 20 May 2016 Venue: Royal Society of Arts Meeting started 1pm

Chair: Paul Grosvenor


Gil Athoraya (Optima, V), Dan Baronet (Dyalog), Michael Baas, Ray Cannon, Gitte Christensen (Dyalog), Romilly Cocking, Robert Cumberland, Peter Cyriax, Callum Floum (Optima), James Heslip (Optima), Chris Hogan (4xtra), Michael Hughes, Roger Hui (Dyalog), John Jacob (4xtra, Optima), Kai Jaeger, Morten Kromberg (Dyalog), Phil Last (4xtra), Jairo Lopez (APL2000), Peter Merritt (Optima, V), Mike Mingard (Optima, V), Ellis Morgan (NV), Jeff Rosenbaum, Nicholas Small, Richard Smith (Dyalog), Stephen Taylor

NV: non-voting member V: attended by video link


Alexsey Batsunov, Tony Corso (V), Duy Phan

Minutes of 2015 AGM

Ray Cannon moved we approve the minutes of the 2015 AGM; seconded Roger Hui; passed nem. con.

Chairman’s report

The Chair sought feedback on the venue for the meeting. Kai approved it; Gitte asked for more coffee.

Thanks to Mike Mingard for designing ads and Web pages to promote the meeting: see []

Other meetings:

  • BAA London meets each month, has now been running for 9 years.
  • Dyalog conference 9-13 October 2016 in Glasgow

Treasurer’s report

Summary of income and expenditure/receipts and payments

2015-16 2014-15
Subscriptions 6698.62 2434.52
Bank interest 34.38 34.25
Vector advertising 160.00 325.00
Total receipts 6893.00 2793.77
Administration 17.50 17.95
Vector production and despatch 2592.93 2559.36
Other 198.31 176.57
Total payments 280.74 2753.88
Assets summary
Bank and other balances 16360.25 12275.99
Debtors 1637.50 797.50
Creditors -8100.00 -3835.00
Net assets 9897.75 9238.49


At the end of Volume 26 of Vector the Association had 181 members. 10 have indicated they will not renew. 115 have renewed. 55 to be chased.

Vector in Canada

Perhaps reflecting the strong association of array programming languages with the country, Kellogs Canada has launched a ‘healthy’ breakfast cereal called Vector,


All members of the Committee confirmed they were willing to stand again. No other candidates were nominated.

Michael Hughes moved all members of the Committee be elected for another year; seconded: Romilly Cocking; passed nem. con.

The Committee is now:

Chair Paul Grosvenor
Treasurer & Membership Secretary Nicholas Small
Secretary Stephen Taylor
Editor John Jacob
Events Manager Phil Last

Ray Cannon moved Chris Hogan be re-appointed Auditor; seconded: Kai Jaeger; passed nem. con.


Richard Smith asked if he was a member in good standing. The Secretary confirmed he was a delegate of Sustaining Member Dyalog Ltd.

The Chair asked if we should follow the same format for the 2017 meeting: approved by a show of hands.

The Editor appealed for articles for Vector 27:1, which he hoped to publish in July 2016. Morten Kromberg invited him to reprint posts from the Dyalog blog; Romilly Cocking invited him to do the same from his blog.

There being no other business, the Chair closed the meeting at 1.30pm


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